Looking Ahead at 2018 (I don’t see anything)

This might floor the people who know and love me (here’s looking at you, parents of mine): I am not making big plans for 2018.

That doesn’t mean I’m making no plans – a honeymoon paddle, marathon #4 are two things on my calendar – but I am leaving 2018 blissfully unscheduled. After a year (or two, or 20) of planning and doing, planning and doing, I am looking forward to a year of experiencing.

Experiencing what? Long runs, hikes, bike rides, floats with Adam and friends… New trails, lakes, communities and Alaska’s nooks and crannies. Yoga, HIIT classes, spin classes, and other workouts that I enjoy… In reflection, it feels like I am ‘marinating’ in 2018 – just soaking up the goodness around me, sitting in my own wine/herb mix for a while.

Here’s to 2017, an incredible year of adventure and joy, and 2018 – carte blanche.


Yee-haw, Nashville – Here I Come!

I’m heading to Nashville soon for our friends’ wedding (get this – I’m MC’ing!). It’s my first time to the city and I’m psyched to spend a long, fall weekend in the south. A quick “blanch” will be greatly appreciated before the temperatures drop too low in Alaska.

In hindsight, we should have booked our trip directly around visiting DollyWood and the Great Smoky Mountains. But we didn’t! So, on the docket for our visit to Music City:

  • Haunted Tavern Tour with Nashville Ghost Tours, Walking tour and ghost stories? Yes, please.
  • think Tennesse is synonymous with bourbon and whiskey. When in Rome, right? Specific locations TBD, but we’ll gladly be visiting one of Nashville’s distilleries.
  • For our cultural benefit: the Grand Ole Opry and Johnny Cash Museum

Important, but not bullet-point important: barbeque, anytime and anyplace I can get it.

Broadway on Nashville at night
See you soon, Broadway!

If you’re into it: Away luggage code

If you travel, at all, I wholeheartedly recommend Away luggage. Since discovering the brand and getting my own carry-on suitcase last summer, I’ve really grown to appreciate what good luggage means.

Before Away, I was traveling with duffel bags, hiking packs or giant totes. Not to knock them – but it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable most of the time (save for packs – those would be the second-best option if you need luggage).

I’m a light-weight (eh, lighter-weight) traveler and went with the carry-on because I like the convenience of getting off the plane and going. Finding and waiting at baggage claim is a drag. The most rewarding experience so far was traveling to Germany for 10 days (including Berlin marathon and Oktoberfest) with only a carry-on bag. I couldn’t tell you how I did it now!

There are other perks, like the built-in charging system for phones/technology, compression systems, and easy-to-store laundry bags inside. I like the TSA-friendly lock, for extra security (that the zipper isn’t going to bust when I’ve crammed it full…).

Anyway: if you’re in the market for new luggage, and want something that meets your needs and looks good doing it, I have seven (7) Away codes for $20 your first purchase. Send me a message and I’ll send you a code. Happy travels!