Looking Ahead at 2018 (I don’t see anything)

This might floor the people who know and love me (here’s looking at you, parents of mine): I am not making big plans for 2018.

That doesn’t mean I’m making no plans – a honeymoon paddle, marathon #4 are two things on my calendar – but I am leaving 2018 blissfully unscheduled. After a year (or two, or 20) of planning and doing, planning and doing, I am looking forward to a year of experiencing.

Experiencing what? Long runs, hikes, bike rides, floats with Adam and friends… New trails, lakes, communities and Alaska’s nooks and crannies. Yoga, HIIT classes, spin classes, and other workouts that I enjoy… In reflection, it feels like I am ‘marinating’ in 2018 – just soaking up the goodness around me, sitting in my own wine/herb mix for a while.

Here’s to 2017, an incredible year of adventure and joy, and 2018 – carte blanche.


Crucial Survival Techniques

Every year, I spend a lot of time in the backcountry. Skiing, hiking, paddling trips – while these adventures bring so much pleasure to my life, they also bring risk. Injuries, wildlife, gear malfunctions or more can derail a trip and put me or my travel buddies at risk.

So, it’s important to know survival techniques. First Aid and Wilderness First Aid Response (WFR, or “woofer”) are great. But do you know how to eat your hiking partner?

Thanks to Backpacker Magazine, for offering this crucial service to outdoors people around the world.