Looking Ahead at 2018 (I don’t see anything)

This might floor the people who know and love me (here’s looking at you, parents of mine): I am not making big plans for 2018.

That doesn’t mean I’m making no plans – a honeymoon paddle, marathon #4 are two things on my calendar – but I am leaving 2018 blissfully unscheduled. After a year (or two, or 20) of planning and doing, planning and doing, I am looking forward to a year of experiencing.

Experiencing what? Long runs, hikes, bike rides, floats with Adam and friends… New trails, lakes, communities and Alaska’s nooks and crannies. Yoga, HIIT classes, spin classes, and other workouts that I enjoy… In reflection, it feels like I am ‘marinating’ in 2018 – just soaking up the goodness around me, sitting in my own wine/herb mix for a while.

Here’s to 2017, an incredible year of adventure and joy, and 2018 – carte blanche.


2017: The Year of…?

Happy, Happy New Year! I was reading New Year’s blog posts from 2015 and 2016, and funnily enough, I can only echo the same sentiment now: what a wonderful, wild year I’ve had and how grateful I am for good times and a bright future.

There’s the old superstition (stop me if you’ve heard this before) that how you kick off the first of the year sets the tone for the rest of the days. 2017 kicked off in the best way possible: 6 days in Alaska’s backcountry, on my favorite trail, with my favorite people.

Our excursion reset my brain and body in a way I didn’t anticipate, or even realize was happening, until we got back. The end of 2016 was… Well, it was. The emotional highs and lows of adventures, travel, family changes and losses and grief, coupled with Alaska’s dark winters and stress of normal life, were wreaking a small havoc on me mentally and emotionally that I couldn’t recognize when I was experiencing them.

So here I am, feeling renewed in early 2017 (dare I say, resurrected? Har, har). I am carrying none of 2016’s baggage with me into the new year. I came back from our trip feeling clearheaded and rejuvenated. There are no resolutions for this year, no major goals… Just the intention to continue nurturing my health, my relationships and whatever makes me feel grounded.

Lent Goals

Hopefully you’ve noticed an uptick in blog posts by now. Like, 3 in the last week? That might be more than I wrote in the entire month of January.

‘Tis the Lenten (is this a word?) Season, and while I’m not Catholic, I sure do love me a 40 Day Challenge. I approached Lent a little differently than others: my focus is adopting new habits, and giving up a few here and there.

Blogging 3x/week and writing in my journal every day are two habits I signed up for, and so far/so good. Journaling is easy – I just write a couple thoughts and move on. Blogging has been easy-ish since last week, but I anticipate lulls in material and some Seinfeld posts-about-nothing eventually.

Other Lent goals: knit more (have not started), and train for marathon. Marathon training is double-dipping, that starts next week whether it’s Lent or not. Ha!

Things to give up for Lent: sugar, processed/fake foods, going out to eat/drink… Failure to launch on those goals as of today.

Happy Lenten Trails!