Perfect Days

This morning I was riding my bike with the sun on my neck and golden leaves in my face. It was a perfect temperature and the rays of sunlight coupled with fog patches in the trees were ethereal.

I thought about taking a picture and acknowledged that no iPhone snap could actually capture the magic or essence of the morning, so I rode on.

This afternoon, the skies were still blue and the sun was warm again as I made my way home. It was just too perfect, so I opted to take the long way home, weaving through downtown Anchorage’s “rush hour” traffic to catch the west end of the green belt trail.

This time the picture lined up. All I can think is, hang in there fall, let me soak it up just a little bit longer.

Commuter Chronicles: Dress to Impress

I’ve blogged here and here about the #firstworldproblems I have finding the right outfits to meld bicycle commuting with my professional life. Obviously I’m making it work or I wouldn’t be riding my bicycle as frequently as I do.

But as the kids say, the struggle is real: I sweat, it rains, practical footwear, new bangs and a handful of other things are frequent hurdles to getting dressed and getting out on my bicycle. And so goes life as a bicycle commuter in the realm of business development and relationship building.

Alas! Progress has been made and I’m a little closer than ever to my utopian, athleisure, trendy, bicycle-friendly wardrobe!

Months ago, I backed the Vetta Capsule on Kickstarter. The collection’s entire being lies in it being sustainable fashion that can support any wardrobe, be worn a variety of ways and lend itself to an enduring style. No more reliance on fast fashion, seasonal trends or cheaply made clothing. This philosophy speaks to me and I happily backed at early-adopter prices for two key pieces: a blouse and tunic.

My tunic just arrived and I love it. It’s so soft and such a flattering cut.

Here’s why I love it from a bicycle commuter POV:

  • The arms/back/chest are well cut, and it’s not restrictive to lean over my handlebars.
  • It has generous slits up the side, so I can easily swing a leg over my bike seat.
  • Those same generous slits mean I can tie the tunic up around my waste and tuck it under my raincoat on a rainy day, instead of catching water in a little pool in my lap, as I’ve done before.

It’s wet and grey today and I took my new threads out for a tester spin, to and from a meeting about a mile from my office. No wet lap… No splatter… And thanks to the material, hardly a wrinkle from tying it up. Yes, yes and yes. Thank you, Vetta!