Island Dreams, Kodiak-Style

I was driving into work (yes, driving – my poor bicycle must feel like a neglected pet) grooving to Bob Marley’s “Is This Love“, and fell into a daydream about the second of two summer trips Adam and I are planning… A week-long bicycle tour of Kodiak Island, AK.

Looking forward to TWO pairs of feet, in sandals, at the brewery

I had the opportunity to visit Kodiak for 24 hours last year, and it was cool. Even on a blustery February day the island radiated a sense of community and place that one doesn’t feel in Anchorage’s urban center. When Adam said he wanted to visit this year, and we discovered flights are cheap with Alaska Airlines miles – done, and done!

We’re in the early stages of planning still, but excited nonetheless to pack up our bicycles for a tour of Kodiak’s ~ 40 miles of roads. Besides the brewery we’re planning to camp, fish, hike, and bike some more. Can’t wait!

Honeymoon Daydreams…

Adam and I aren’t taking a honeymoon immediately after our wedding. With an adventurous life like ours and a backdrop like Alaska, we don’t need to jet off after the celebration (not to knock a quiet week on a beach…).

With that, we are daydreaming about the Next Big Adventure slash Honeymoon. Where are we dreaming of going next? It would start…. here (here, for more information).

And for our honeymoon meals? Well, we’ll be eating a lot of….

This fall, as we start planning seriously, I’ll be posting here about our trip plans, the logistics, details and how-to’s. Keep reading!