Riding Out of the Rut


Like so many others, I was/am having a tough time staying motivated and active this winter. When you overlay the slippery slope of a cold, dark winter with holidays, work, and ol’fashioned excuses – it doesn’t take long before you’ve found yourself at the bottom of said hill, and need to work double-time to get back up to the top.

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Respecting that we all have different tolerances for that rut, how deep down we’re willing to go, and how long – I hit the end of my rope in January. Feeling lethargic, irritated, uncomfortable in my clothes and skin, and some gentle-but-firm direction from my doctor, was my catalyst. Time to make some adjustments.

If you haven’t caught on yet, my most beloved way to “get after it” is riding my bicycle. Biking is the easiest way between two points normally, and commuting provides a simple way to maintain some baselevel physical activity.

Bicycle Magainze: 5 Reasons to Ride Your Bike Every Day

So I’ve made a big show of packing my panniers, loading my lunch, and layering up for rides between 4 and -4 Farhenheit. I logged ~ 22 miles on bicycle last week, waking my hips up and getting to-the-bone tired. Naturally, my seat clamp broke over the weekend and set me back a few days. But, the cobwebs are being dusted off and I’m heading OUT of the rut, not into it.



My attitude, all the time.


Bicycling Inspiration (I crack myself up)

I’m back on my bike after weeks of not riding, and it was a complete and total reset on my Monday mood. Without much else to write about, I opted to fall-back on inspiring or hopeful quotes about cycling, and instead found the following:

The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose of it and get a new one without shocking the entire community.

No worries – my husband and bicycles are both pretty new and in good-shape. No trade-ins planned. Ha!

Nashville by Bicycle

I love riding a bicycle, especially in new places. One of the deciding factors in our AirBnB choice was the proximity to downtown and a bicycle rental option.

Nashville B-Cycle is an inexpensive, convenient way to get around the city. For $5, you’ll have a bicycle for 24-hours. Hourly check-ins are encouraged, and if you end up cruising longer than that it’s a low $1.50/per hour.

Renting a bicycle is one thing, riding it is another. Shoutout to Nashville for having super clear, navigable and protected bike infrastructure (at least from Vanderbilt area to downtown). We rode ~ 4 miles on bike lanes/roadways, and besides one narrow construction zone – never felt unsafe. (Shoutout to their volunteer group, Walk Bike Nashville).


Downtown Nashville

After getting a few ‘father knows best’ comments about helmets, I’ve also thought it might be worth packing your own if you know in advance that you’ll be riding. I’ll consider it for our next trip!