Prior to this trip, I hadn’t considered Nashville as a tourist destination (or, general destination). Thanks to our friends for getting married there, and opening my eyes to a really cool southern destination!

I spent three days dancing, walking, exploring, hee-hawing, eating and drinking my way through the city before the wedding festivities kicked off. Some of the best parts of the trip are highlighted below.


Downtown Nashville from Nudie’s Rooftop Bar


Where to stay:

AirBnB in the Hillsboro/Vanderbilt area is the way to go (shoutout to Jerry & Beth for storing our Alaskan Salmon, giving us fantastic recommendations, and a beautiful place to stay). Conveniently located to food and shopping, it’s also a 15-minute Lyft ride to downtown and a 25-30 minute bike ride.

What to do:

Eat, drink, and dance. I couldn’t possibly remember all the places we stopped for food and drink, so here’s a smattering of the ones I really loved:


Biscuit Love (Hillsboro location): the best, most inventive fried and “hot” chicken I’ve ever had. Try the Princess and East Nasty. It was so good, we ate here twice.


The Princess. It was, hands-down, the best.

The Grilled Cheeserie: our first meal in Nashville, and damn it hit the spot!

The Treehouse, East Nashville

5 Points Pizza, East Nashville. After a few+ bourbons, this was a lifesaver (some habits never die).

Drink & Dance:

TwoBits has board games and arcade games galore – it’s the most fun!

There was live music at all of the following: Robert’s Western World, The 5 Spot, The Red Door Saloon, Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar.


Robert’s back entrance – the better way to get in.



Patsy Cline Museum: when I was a little girl, I thought my grandmother¬†was Patsy Cline (although, she never quite sang in tune…). It was a really interesting tour and look into Patsy’s life beyond the music and her tragic death. I’m just more impressed with her than ever.

The one and only, Patsy Cline

Nashville Ghost Tours: Haunted tavern tour of downtown Nashville. Less spooky, and more of our tour guide telling us their own weird experiences. But, still a great opportunity to learn the history of some of downtown’s local bars and the development of the city. I recommend!

Our very animated, vegan tour guide.


Misc:¬†take a lot of pictures in front of Nashville’s colorful walls and murals!