Leaving Alaska in May 2015, Adam & I flew to Frankfurt to begin a 10 week bicycle tour. From Frankfurt, we biked along the Rhine River Valley and made our way to Strasbourg, France. Along with return flights and a week’s stay in Paris through AirBnB, that was all we had planned.

Along the way we met great people, ate delicious food and drank better wines. We kept costs low by camping and cooking our most of our own meals. We splurged on hotels and dinners here and there, but focused on experiences: wine tours at 10 AM on Sundays, chateaus, museums and more.

We found great resources from websites like: EuroVeloFrance Velo Tourisme; Freewheeling France; Experience France by Bike and many others that have slipped my mind since we’ve returned. Striking up conversations with other velotourists provided nuggets of wisdom as well that was invaluable. We’re grateful for all of the great resources we discovered.

There are tons of companies in Europe and the USA that provide velo tours and the gear you need. Adam & I chose to do a self-supported bicycle tour, carrying everything we needed (and some things we didn’t) ourselves. We brought our bicycles and panniers from Alaska to France with us.

It was the experience of a lifetime!

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