Around the World

“I never reach those far off places. New trails tempt me at every turn.” – Marty Rubin

I dream of visiting every continent, exploring new places, trying new and wild things. Whether it be a weekend jaunt in the lower 48, or a 10-week tour of wine and cheese, there’s no such thing as a bad getaway. Read on for more trip and travel tips and experiences.


2015 France Bike Tour

Leaving Alaska in May 2015, Adam & I flew to Frankfurt to begin a 10 week bicycle tour. From Frankfurt, we biked along the Rhine River Valley and made our way to Strasbourg, France. Along with return flights and a week’s stay in Paris through AirBnB, that was all we had planned. Along the way we met great … Continue reading 2015 France Bike Tour

2016 Berlin Marathon

A quick Google search of “what are the odds of getting into the Berlin Marathon” pulled up more results than I cared to peruse. It doesn’t matter – in 2016 a friend and I were on the winning side of chance and were pulled as a team to participate in the Berlin Marathon. We were … Continue reading 2016 Berlin Marathon

2016 Oktoberfest

It’s old tradition that after a marathon, a runner should carbo-load. What better place to do it than Munich’s Oktoberfest? After running in the 2016 Berlin Marathon, my cousin Jenna and a friend went south to Bavaria for the annual Oktoberfest. What an experience. Should I ever go again, I’d dedicate two days: 1 for the drinks … Continue reading 2016 Oktoberfest

Nashville (Music City), 2017

Prior to this trip, I hadn’t considered Nashville as a tourist destination (or, general destination). Thanks to our friends for getting married there, and opening my eyes to a really cool southern destination! I spent three days dancing, walking, exploring, hee-hawing, eating and drinking my way through the city before the wedding festivities kicked off. … Continue reading Nashville (Music City), 2017