Note: the following post includes an affiliate link. This means that if someone buys something by using my link, I’ll get a little extra paper in my pocket. I don’t post for products I don’t actually love, so go forth and enjoy! Also, the header image is from Heather’s Choice Facebook page (and location is Colorado).¬†

Mama’s gotta eat, and she’s gotta eat well. Heather’s Choice keeps me nourished and happy on the trails. I was introduced to Heather and her brand a few years ago through mutual friends in Anchorage. She was preparing her own dehydrated meals and snacks, packaging them herself and getting them off to friends and adventure buddies. As an aspiring DIY-er, she caught my attention and I got my hands on her Ethiopian Doro Wat.

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The Doro Wat was fantastic, and so were all the yummy packaroons I’ve nibbled on since then. My personal favorites are the Tomatillo Rancheros (even good on a busy week day, but mind the calories) and the Black Espresso Packaroons. ¬†From Resurrection Pass, to Berry Pass, SteamDot Espresso or downtown Anchorage – Heather’s Choice hits. the. spot.

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With so many options on the market, what I love about Heather’s Choice is the unique meals and flavor pairings (hello, quail?) and the focus on holistic nutrition. I’m not willing to sacrifice a nourishing meal for shelf stability, and am put-off by the amount of sodium and preservatives in so many other dehydrated meals. Heather’s Choice is real food, with real ingredients. Of course, I love that Heather herself is a nutritionist by education and an adventurer by hobby. It’s reaffirming to know your food comes from someone who’s walked the trail before you.

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