I love toys for adventure and now that I have a dog, I love toys for Leona too. Naturally with a winter cabin trip around the corner, I just had to get her a sleeping bag so that she could sleep as well as her mama.

Enter Wilderdog, an online store that sells leashes, collars, food bags and sleeping bags for woman’s best friend. Their leashes and collars are made in the USA, and they donate portions of their profits every month to shelters and adoption clinics around the country. Cheers to that – seeing the number of dogs in need of good homes in Alaska has made me painfully aware of how valuable this support can be.


We tested Leona’s sleeping bag on Resurrection Pass, at the Romig Cabin. After 7+ miles one way (not including distance from the suicide sprints), homegirl was hungry and tired. For dinner (and separate review) Leo was treated to kibble mixed with homemade smoked salmon and salmon oil – even I was a little jealous of the nourishment she got there.

For the exhaustion, we unrolled her sleeping bag and let her get cozy. She’s a roller, so I left her zipper open and she moved around freely in the bag.¬†After a long day on the trail, I’m sure Leo was psyched to sleep on the soft cushion of her bag instead of the hardwood cabin floors.

Speaking of long days, at 29oz, I had no qualms carrying the sleeping bag in on my pack. Anything for my sweet girl! A stuff sack and handle helped it snap easily and securely to the outside of my pack.

That night, while the fire got cooler, I put the sleeping bag on my bunk next to me and Leo hopped right up for some together-but-separate cuddles. She slept in her bag right up until I started making breakfast, and then hopped out.

All in all – sleeping bag is highly recommended!

Wilderdog Sleeping Bag: $49 (free shipping after $50, might I recommend poop bags?)

Leo’s corner: stuff sack, leash, harness, food bag (also Wilderdog)