About Aimee

Hay! I’ve been blogging since 2012 when my +1 and I took a cross-country road trip to move to Alaska. Blogging (and Alaska) stuck with me. Take some time to explore my blog and sign up for future posts. I love to play hard: making the most of Alaska’s wild backcountry, riding my bicycle as much and as far as possible, running local races and traveling the USA and the world.


Bicycling in Berlin, 2016

We took a 10-week bicycle tour through France in summer 2015. Check out this page for pictures and information about our experience.


Bicycling the Bretagne coasts, 2015

One set of my parents have retired and are boondocking around the US in their RV (as of January 2016). Be sure to check out the Life on the Road posts for more about that.

My favorite things include my Surly bicycle, pizza (especially from Coast Pizza on the Seward Highway), the color pink and micro-adventures with my significant other, Adam. And last time I checked, I’m the only Aimee Chauvot on the planet.



Crossing the finish line at the Her Tern Half Marathon, 2016. Just a minute off my fastest time!