Nashville by Bicycle

I love riding a bicycle, especially in new places. One of the deciding factors in our AirBnB choice was the proximity to downtown and a bicycle rental option.

Nashville B-Cycle is an inexpensive, convenient way to get around the city. For $5, you’ll have a bicycle for 24-hours. Hourly check-ins are encouraged, and if you end up cruising longer than that it’s a low $1.50/per hour.

Renting a bicycle is one thing, riding it is another. Shoutout to Nashville for having super clear, navigable and protected bike infrastructure (at least from Vanderbilt area to downtown). We rode ~ 4 miles on bike lanes/roadways, and besides one narrow construction zone – never felt unsafe. (Shoutout to their volunteer group, Walk Bike Nashville).


Downtown Nashville

After getting a few ‘father knows best’ comments about helmets, I’ve also thought it might be worth packing your own if you know in advance that you’ll be riding. I’ll consider it for our next trip!


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