If you’re into it: Away luggage code

If you travel, at all, I wholeheartedly recommend Away luggage. Since discovering the brand and getting my own carry-on suitcase last summer, I’ve really grown to appreciate what good luggage means.

Before Away, I was traveling with duffel bags, hiking packs or giant totes. Not to knock them – but it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable most of the time (save for packs – those would be the second-best option if you need luggage).

I’m a light-weight (eh, lighter-weight) traveler and went with the carry-on because I like the convenience of getting off the plane and going. Finding and waiting at baggage claim is a drag. The most rewarding experience so far was traveling to Germany for 10 days (including Berlin marathon and Oktoberfest) with only a carry-on bag. I couldn’t tell you how I did it now!

There are other perks, like the built-in charging system for phones/technology, compression systems, and easy-to-store laundry bags inside. I like the TSA-friendly lock, for extra security (that the zipper isn’t going to bust when I’ve crammed it full…).

Anyway: if you’re in the market for new luggage, and want something that meets your needs and looks good doing it, I have seven (7) Away codes for $20 your first purchase. Send me a message and I’ll send you a code. Happy travels!

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