Until it happens to you: bicycling accidents in Anchorage

In what will go down as the Worst Tuesday Ever, Adam was struck by a vehicle on his regular commute, on his regular route. It was a Tuesday morning like any other: we got up, shared coffee, laughed, and he took off at his regular time. No rush, no hurry, nothing special.

Adam is fine. This post comes over a week later; after the dust has settled and my heart has stopped pounding. The driver failed to stop and yield to oncoming traffic at a stop sign, where Adam was making a left-hand turn with the right-of-way. The driver turned left as well and hit Adam with the hook. The bicycle and rider went down, and partially under the tire before the vehicle stopped.

Just writing about the accident makes me furious. Furious. Adam text me as soon as it happened, the simple: ‘I’m okay, but…’. In minutes I was there – he rides less than a mile to work every day. The driver was there, and rightfully accepted responsibility for his negligence. He drove up too fast to the stop sign, rolled through it without looking clearly for oncoming traffic (he admitted to only looking for headlights), and rolled right into the man in the bright blue coat in front of him.

At the end of the day, I can only be grateful that Adam was able to walk away. A trip to Urgent Care determined he was bumped and bruised, but luckily not cracked or broken. His bike, on the other hand, is totaled. That beautiful Surly, that went all over France for those happy memories, is no more.


Bicycle, meet bumper. 


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