Best Bach Bash – Byers Lake, AK

As the kids say… #blessed.

Back in April, my girlfriends confirmed I was having a bachelorette party and gave me a general pack list. Thanks to them, I ended up having the best bachelorette party ever.

The Place: Byers Lake, Denali State Park, cabin #2. My favorite northern cabin, #2 sleeps close to a dozen girls and three dogs. It also has epic views of Denali on clear days, and lucky us – it was clear Friday and Saturday!

The Activities: In no particular order…. we: built campfires, ate and drank, built a hammock city, had a scavenger hunt based on stories from my parents, played a very hard underwear guessing game, made multiple music videos, played bocci ball, and got the blood pumping with a pleasant hike around Byers Lake (~5 miles). I was exhausted by Sunday evening.

And… The Theme: Absolutely fabulous. Not in the spirit of the show, but of me! There were masquerade masks, party dresses, furs, champagne flutes and fun pieces of decor strung about. It was just fabulous – that’s all I can say.


I’m fortunate and grateful for a group of women that love me, support me and spoil me rotten. It was a really, really epic way to ‘say goodbye’ to my bachelorette lifestyle (lolz). Thanks, ladies!

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