Thumb Cove, Resurrection Bay, Seward, AK

Another first: sailing!

Seward temporary harbor

We on a boat! I’ve never been sailing before, and I’ve never been to Thumb Cove either. Lucky me, I got to do both for a friend’s birthday a couple weekends ago. We hit the water around 8:30 P from the Seward harbor and sailed across the bay to the cove in ~ 2 hours. I learned one sailing term, ‘tacking‘ (if you’re curious: we tacked 3-4 times).


Thumb Cove is part of a marine state park, with two public use cabins and first-come, first-serve camping areas. Our crew secured some campsites earlier in the day and made a compound for the weekend right on the beach.


Activities including: eating, drinking, eating more, hiking to up a glacial run-off to the hanging glacier above (cool) and Bronwyn’s Birthday Olympics. Hilarity ensued.



Thanks for being born, Bronwyn, so we can have these fun weekends!

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