Heart Run Humility

A colleague invited me to join her family’s team and run in the Alaska Heart Run on April 22. I was flattered, excited – me? You remembered, I like running! It felt great to wake up early and run well.

However, in the scheme of things, the invitation had nothing to do with me liking to run, and everything to do with surrounding and celebrating a dynamic survivor of a heart issue continue to live her best life.

Sharon’s son wrote this beautiful essay, telling the story of her heart failure and what happened after. Check it out:

“She brought me bacon this morning,” was the first thing I remember my sister saying, tears welling in her eyes. It was a simple recollection, as if to say, “she was fine a minute ago. What happened?” I came to realize that these are the things we say in tragic moments. We say them because they’re manageable. We can understand bacon being brought to us; we cannot understand something like mom – a picture of health – randomly dropping dead.”

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