For the love of community: Fire Island 5k Hop

Thanks to Fire Island, Anchorage’s MVP bake shop and cafe, for being both a magnet and catalyst for community happenings. I love visiting the shop in the mornings on my way to work, seeing friends and friends-like-family swinging through.  And I love that they’re building on that feeling of community and taking it to the streets with their regular Fire Island Hop: “Second annual multimodal friendly 5K! Meet at the Downtown Island, enjoy warm cookies, friends, and crisp air as you navigate the Chester Creek Trail to our Airport Heights Island.”

In a bad case of ‘the grass is greener’, I’ve been envious of other cities and towns that have bustling communities and meet up groups for runners, joggiers, socializers, etc. Anchorage is not lacking the bustle or meet ups, persay, but we’re a small community and it feels like the spontenaity is lacking, perhaps (for better or worse – that’s a piece for reflection another time).

What I loved about the Fire Island Hop was the crowd, the strangers and neighbors with strollers and scooters and friends and families. The vibe was fantastic – not competitive, not agitated, not even crowded – it just felt comfortable. I can’t wait for the next one (surprise me)!

On the fun, personally competitive note: Stacia and I ran to the start line, and then back to the finish line for a total of 6.4 miles. I felt good and tired after, and happy to be back in my running sneakers.

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