Little Dog Ski Day

I’ve had this fantasy for the better part of a decade, about a little dog – specifically a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – that will fill a hole in my heart, and be my best friend and adventure buddy. This has obviously been a point of ribbing from my friends and significant other, who for a long time has challenged the fit of that little dog in our adventure life.

Well, I am thrilled to say that adventure by adventure, I am checking the arguments off the list and proving them all wrong! I’ve finally worn Adam down and he’s said “okay” – I can get a dog in 2018 and it can be a little dog!

The final straw that broke the proverbial back? A spring time backcountry ski tour with a Bichon Frise that earned it’s weight in dog treats by going hard.

Adam, Stacia and I went back for a sunny, spring afternoon tour in Arctic Valley with Augie Doggie, a pooch I was dog sitting. Augie ran his heart out, up and down our skin tracks and waited patiently while Stacia and Adam went up to a higher bench. He and I hung out in the sun, snacking and enjoying a beer (he snacked, I beer’ed).

Unfortunately, Augie’s too little to chase us out on skis and even if he could, I was worried we’d knick him with our skis. So the Cool Uncle tossed him in his pack (previously authorized by his dog mom) and skied out. And now Adam knows a little dog won’t cramp our style!


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