I am an Award Winning Artist

It’s true! Remember that piece I made in Vegas with Mom, inspired by the showgirls we saw on Freemont Street? Well, at my mother’s urging I entered the piece into a Win with Blick challenge – as in Dick Blick Art Supplies, one of the biggest art supply retailers in the US.

The challenge was around recycled art: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and REIMAGINEThe entry rules were simple: create an original work using recycled materials as well as one or two traditional art supplies. My piece did exactly that: reusing key mementos from our Vegas experience and some supporting pieces from the store.

I got an email from Blick Arts on April 25, letting me know I won – $250 in art supplies! Thanks to Pentel and Canson I’ll be outfitted in sketch and drawing supplies for a while to come. As you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty high on myself right now. Just call me Aimee ChauGogh… Ha!


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