Bachelorette Party pack list

Okay…. I have the pack list, but not the location (or do I? People are messing with me.) Here’s what I do know:

It will be a mix of fun and active (just like I asked for)think it will be on the water. I need to bring my stuff in a pack, so it’s convenient to get to XYZ location, but it won’t be strenuous to get there.

Adding to the mystery (but clarifying things at the same time), I got a rough pack list from the organizers:

Sleeping bag + pad. Camp cutlery, dish and mug/cup. Hammock/tarp welcome. Camp chair. Mink stoles (okay, I added that to the list). Inflatable chair (I added that too). Normal camp clothes (weather dependent).

Everything else is being covered by the party planners, including making sure there’s plenty of champagne on hand… I don’t know about this, but I am sure excited!!


Finishing Resurrection Pass, 2014. My favorite post-trip picture of all time, perhaps. Tequila shots for all!



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