Below is a photo series of the lifecycle of deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati‘s famous Chicago pizzeria. Not pictured: the stomachache (or ‘itis‘) from eating this entire thing. Oof.

I went to Chicago for a work trip, and I was in-and-out in less than 36 hours (and I’m still a little jetlagged). With limited free time and a downpour, there wasn’t much sightseeing I could squeeze in. But, I got the classics: skyscrapers and Cloud Gate at Millennium Park. And deep dish pizza. What more could I want?

Our seminar broke for an hour at lunch, and I hightailed it to Millennium Park to stretch my legs and check out the famous bean. I love exploring new cities – there’s so much energy from people, smells, sights and Chicago is no different. The city has an interesting mix of urban snobbery and a calm kindness that I can only assume comes from being a midwestern state.

Things I missed: Navy Pier, Institute of Art, renting a bicycle to explore the city. Next time!

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