Dam! Hoover Dam

My four-day weekend with Mom and Bill was jam packed. I’ve never been to Nevada or much desert territory, at all actually. It was neat to discover the Hoover Dam was just a short drive from the city limits, and we went to check it out on the ‘cooler’ of the days I was there (it was still 75 degrees).


The Hoover Dam is cool. The road winds around this narrow canyon, cutting sharp corners until you come to this expansive view of the Dam and a parking garage, visitor center, and exhibit hall built into the side of the mountain.

They offer tours of the machinery at the base of the Dam, and even one that takes you deep down in the belly of the dam. I don’t consider myself claustrophobic, but the thought of being deep down in the dam did kind of make me squeamish. It was super tempting to check it out, but we opted to stay outside in the warm sun.

Lake Mead

Did you know: the Hoover Dam connects spans Nevada and Arizona? I did not realize that, so we walked from edge to edge to officially visit two states in one trip. Look at the picture above – that’s Lake Mead from the bridge, and the color line on the rocks is a marker from the high water line. Super cool.

Look, Ma! Arizona!

Of course, we can’t visit one of the 7 Wonders of the Industrial World and not visit the gift shop. And wasn’t I a happy camper when I saw the MAGNET WALK IN?! Simple pleasures, my friend.


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