Errandonee 2017: that’s a wrap

Woo! 12 errands, 30 miles+, 12 days… Done and done.

If you’re just tuning in, I participated in the 2017 Errandonee Challenge, hosted by DC blogger Chasing Mailboxes (Mary G). Errands 1, 2 and 3 were easy enough – see blog posts here and here.

Here’s a rundown of errands 4 through 12:

Day 3, #s 4,5,6: Combo ErRUNdonee. Ran to Fred Meyers (store) to return a packet of moldy cheese, and get in a training run (personal care) for summer races (6.4 mi RT). Added an Errandonee – biking to my office to check the mail and pet a colleague’s dog.

Day 4, 0 errands.

Day 5, #7: Biked to my doctor’s office (personal biz) for my annual physical (3.4 miles) . Distinctly remember feeling terrified, because Anchorage roads and sidewalks are ice and slush terrors for bicyclists and pedestrians right now.


At this point, I was at 27.74 miles.

Day 6, #s 8,9, and 10: Adam and I threw our bicycles on the car (perhaps a little too carelessly) and went down to Homer for a happy staycation. In Homer we biked to Two Sisters Bakery (social call) to pick up chocolate breads for the next day’s fishing charter (.2 miles); from there to Safeway (Wild Card!) to pick up our fishing licenses (.57 miles); from there Grace Ridge Brewery (social call #2) for a flight (1.33 miles).

This puts me at 29.84 miles.

Days 7, 8, 9, 10, 11: 0 errands, 0 miles.

I think in my blog post about Day 2, I touched on my personal competitive streak. So five days off the rails, missing my exercise and my chance to successfully complete a challenge was really grinding my gears. But then! Opportunity knocked.

I flew to Las Vegas to catch up with my boondocking parents for a weekend, and noticed their bike. Mom said she was going to walk the dog to the post office to grab mail and lightening struck!

Day 12, #s 11 & 12: I hitched Monty (the dog) to the bicycle mount (You carried what!) and ran him through camp. Then, I caught up with my mom and helped her carry the mail (non-store errand).

These two errands were ~.51 miles, bringing my grand total up to 30.34 miles!! Given that I only logged one-way for the errands (except for the run, which was a RT activity), I rode well over 30 miles (at least 36 miles, and I think closer to 46 with work commutes). But who’s counting – I’m just glad to have completed this completely arbitrary and fun challenge!

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