Traveling the world in my carry-on suitcase

Five years ago or so, I strictly checked my luggage. Why carry it?, I thought. For what good does that do me?

Somewhere between then and the past two/three years my mandate has evolved and now I’m an evangelical carry-on-er. I used combinations of totes, hiking packs, and heavily loaded purses on 12+ hour travel days more times than I care to remember.

This summer I entered the land of the jet setting and got a proper suitcase, a carry-on bag from AWAY. It’s boss.

Since August, me and my little adventure bag have gone to Germany (10 days), Portland (3.5 days), Girdwood (4 days), Valdez and Kodiak (4 days), Las Vegas and Chicago (6 days). It’s carried clothes, running gear, winter jackets, frozen fish and technology. It’s fallen off a baggage ramp and lived to tell the tale. I’ve gotten rerouted and lived to tell the tale too, ha. We make a happy pair.

When I was packing for my most recent trip, and using all my weight to squeeze the bag and zip it shut, I wondered if I should have gotten a larger size. And then I reassessed my wardrobe and made some room and thought, nah. Light and easy is it for me!


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