Commuter Chronicles: It’s Still Winter



#ThrowbackThursday: Originally written on March 8!

Oh, don’t let these longer days fool you. As of March 8, it’s still winter (and winter cycling) season in Anchorage.

After a week or two hiatus from bicycling (and running, and nordic skiing) because of travel, blisters, and life in general, it’s been amazing to be back on bicycle. After the Fur Rondy and ceremonial Iditarod start in town, the Chester Creek trail has been in amazing shape. It’s wonderful packed down and generally smooth of ruts and boot prints and ski tracks, etc. I’ve consistently made it to work in 35 minutes, and home in 40 (it’s uphill!) the three days I’ve ridden this week.

Of course, as you can see from the picture above smooth trails doesn’t necessarily mean smooth everything. I’m spoiled with a maintained bike rack and kennel. When bicyclists ask, they shovel snow out of the kennel. Unfortunately this isn’t a practice at all Anchorage offices. This East(ish) Anchorage office (which will go unnamed and unmapped) seems to have been shoveling their snow ON to their bike rack, instead of clearing it out. Whomp, whomp. And that’s not an optical illusion – the snow is as high as my bicycle seat.

Another reminder it’s not yet spring or summer in Alaska: cold temperatures at night/early morning. Thanks to Adam for generally communicating the temps to me everything morning this week (“It’s cold. Layer up.”). Of course, one morning it’s -2 F degrees and the next, -12 F. I didn’t check the temperature – my fellow rider mentioned it. Despite two pairs of socks, my toes were cold.


I zipped both of these layers up after stuffing my phone in.



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