Team Salmon Run

It’s that time of the year again: time to start ramping up for the summer running season!  After a wild year of big races in 2016, and a wedding to plan this summer, I’m keeping my commitments to a comfortable minimum.

I’m psyched to switch it up this year and participate in the Anchorage Mayor’s Marathon on a relay team – Team Salmon Run! With friends Emily, Jess and Jocelyn we’ll divide the four legs of the marathon and have way more fun than slogging through 26.2 alone (trust me, I know).

Our four runners are taking inspiration from four salmon species: dog, silver, king and pink. I’m pink salmon – wardrobe is already ready.

To get ourselves motivated and to start building that team spirit, we went out for an easy 2 mile run Saturday morning through the APU/Goose Lake trails in Anchorage. I love spring training.

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