Kodiak, a little slice of paradise

My friend Liz lived in Kodiak for a while before we met, and always raved about the Emerald Island in Alaska. Before my visit, I knew it was home to huge bears (Kodiak Grizzlies, anyone?) and a Coast Guard base. Besides those morsels I had no knowledge, no insight, or understanding of what really makes Kodiak special. And despite how hard I fell for Kodiak on this trip, I know I hardly scratched the surface of this beautiful community and landscape.

Without a car and no more than six hours to explore, I was limited to a walking tour of the habor and ‘downtown’ scene of Kodiak. As happy young travelers are wont to do, I made my way to the Kodiak Island Brewery for a sampling of brews. Hands down, it’s the best brewery I’ve been to. The beers were delightful and the atmosphere was unbeatable. As soon as I walked in, I imagined myself there as local – it was comfortable, like a place I’d been visiting for years. We went back that night to finish our pour quota for the day and were surrounded by dogs, kids and Kodiak softball teams.


Word to the wise: it’s only 7,500 Alaska Airlines miles to Kodiak (one way). I’m already plotting a trip back.

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