Errandonee-ing, Day 2

Okay, I’m two-for-two with the Errandonee Challenge. I was re-reading the rules today and realized it’s not just 30 miles, I also have to complete 12 errands in the 12 days. Arg!

MG says somewhere in the rules (in fact, maybe it is a rule) that as soon as this isn’t fun, or makes you feel bad, or is competitive, then you should stop. Unfortunately, I am crazy competitive with myself and now that the wheels are in motion, I must achieve 12 errands and 30 miles.

30 miles is going to be easy. It’s day two and I’ve done 16.48 miles already. I’ve done three errands, so that’s going to be getting my attention for the rest of the week.

Morning Errand: Your rode in with WHAT? (Category), 4.8 miles one way. I strapped the Eiffel Tower my Dad and Liz gave me and brought it downtown to decorate my new office space. Oo la la!


Afternoon Errand: Store (that’s a category, too), 6.76 miles one way. Rode from downtown to Michael’s on my way home, to pick up a custom frame job. Funnily enough, the custom framed art is bicycle art Bronwyn made me.

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