Stranded in Valdez


Dang, Valdez. Dang.

I’m a fortunate gal, afforded the opportunity to travel for work and play frequently. Even better, I live in a beautiful state with unlimited opportunities to explore and experience new places. That’s how I found myself in Valdez, AK, where “even Mother Nature plays favorites”.

I was scheduled to be in Valdez for one day/one night for work, and with clear blue skies I could have been happy with that. But I live in Alaska, and Valdez is one of the more exciting areas of the state as it relates to weather, and the universe had other plans for me. Our flight was grounded before 7 AM because of winds exceeding 45 MPH. It was gnarly. Very cool, and I’m grateful I was at sea level. It’s unimaginable how strong the gusts would have been in a more exposed area.

They canceled the evening flight too, so my coworker and I ended up in Valdez for night two. Happily, we bumped into a friend at The Fat Mermaid and passed the time over beers. For what it’s worth, being stranded in Valdez wasn’t so bad.


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