Adventure Couple: It’s all fun and games, until…

Adam and I are beyond fortunate in our happy life together. We’re both (generally) happy-go-lucky people who like to laugh, be active, work hard and play harder. The cliche saying “eat, drink and be merry” applies well to our general outlook – just add “ski powder” to the end of Adam’s and you’ve nailed it.

But we are human too (*gasp*) and are painfully normal in the simple fact that we are not immune from conflict. Our most recent and noteworthy conflict took place on a backcountry ski tour, and because we’ve healed from it and have moved on to laughing about it, I thought I’d share some Do’s and Don’t’s of navigating conflict with your adventure partner.

  • Do encourage your partner to push their limits and trust their abilities. Don’t yell from the next bench down “TURN!”, “POINT THEM!”, or “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU KNOW HOW TO SKI!”.
  • Do recognize your partner’s patience and support in trying times. Don’t focus death stares, stink eyes, jinxes or others at the back of their head while muttering every curse you can.
  • Do allow your partner to pursue their passions because health is wealth. Don’t suggest your partner ‘sell her gear’ when she tells you skiing is only a hobby for her, not a passion.
  • Do remember that despite feeling like you’re completely isolated and alone, there are actually quite a few other people on Tincan on powder days. Don’t embarrass yourself by cursing loudly at your adventure partner in the trees.

Most importantly: do check in with each other post-tour, do remind each other that you’re both a couple of hot-heads that don’t mean a word of what was said on the mountain and don’t sell your gear.

Love you, boo!

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