2017 Travel Plans

New year, new opportunity to go for Alaska Air MVP! I broke the seam, as they say, with big trips recently: in 2015 (the White House in spring, France for the summer) and 2016 (New York in summer, Germany in fall).

I’m in the first quarter of 2017 and looking down the barrel of a low-key year, travel wise. (Besides travel, it’s going to big a big year. Wedding and all!). Low key doesn’t mean no travel plans, though. Here’s what I’m looking forward to for 2017:

Day trips to Valdez and Kodiak, Alaska for work. A coastal community of Prince William Sound and Alaska’s biggest island (and 2nd largest in the US!), these will be first-time visits for me in both communities.

Vegas, baby! I can’t let Mom and Bill take this epic road trip without swinging in for a pitstop. On the list of must-see attractions: the Vegas strip and a day tour to the Hoover Dam. I’ll be in and out over a long weekend en route to Chicago for a work conference. It’s another new city for me. The only thing on my list is dropping in to say ‘hi’ to Oprah and the Obamas. Oh, and checking out that bean everyone takes pictures with.

On the wishlist, and not yet in the budget: upstate New York to visit family and friends and celebrate my grandfather’s memory. Mid-Atlantic states to drop in on a friend’s new house, little brother’s station, a new baby and other family. And Nashville for a wedding.

What are YOUR travel plans for 2017? Inspiration and suggestions welcome!



6 thoughts on “2017 Travel Plans

  1. This year, I’m joining my husband in France for a couple of months. After summer season, we will embark on a backpacking journey around select countries in Europe. Then, we will be back in Asia on winter time.

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  2. Sounds great! 2016 was a really heavy travel year, visiting DC, London, Paris, Madrid (those last three on one trip) and Mexico City. Keeping things within the US so far this year though!

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