Ski Hatcher (Feels like the very first time)

Nothing makes me feel quite so happy like when Adam insists I get outside with him. My ego doesn’t need the boost usually, but it does make my heart flutter when Couple Adventuretime (new, working nickname) is a priority.

What also makes my heart flutter is standing atop a boulder field on my Armadas, looking down a narrow chute at certain death.

Okay, certain death is an exaggeration. My fluttering heart is not! Our most recent Couple Adventuretime was a backcountry ski tour in Hatcher Pass, and not exclusively us. My poor skis have been collecting dust since early January when we did Resurrection Pass. It took some cajoling from Adam, Jon, Jared and my inner cheerleader to remind myself that I know how to ski, and these slopes are super mellow, and it’s fun and I like it.

We skinned up under a blue sky, and by our second run the clouds had rolled in and we were skiing “in a ping pong ball”. It was a great re-entry to powder skiing and day with my SO and good friends.

And because I couldn’t stop thinking ‘feels like the first time’… A little Foreigner. You’re welcome.

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