Ask me what’s new.

I was inspired by this article in Outside Magazine, one of my go-to sources for level-headed adventure inspiration: “Improve Your Life with Microadventures“. The author talks about the struggle of answering, ‘what’s new?’ or ‘what have you been up to lately?’.

The context of Keyes’ article is about responding to those questions, which is certainly not something I’m immune to. For the better part of 2016, I felt the only thing I could talk about was running, running, a sugar detox, and more running. All that running was pretty fun, but I did feel at times like I was a broken record.

What really resonated with me from this article was encouraging an emphasis and appreciation of “micro adventures”: ‘cheap, simple, short’ activities that can contribute positively to a quality of life and happiness for the individual. Our quality of life was a factor in the move to Alaska 5 years back: green belts and bicycle access to work and play, trails at our back door, big backcountry within a reasonable drive (not including the bigger adventures just a boat or plane away).

And in 2017 alone the micro adventures are stacking up, and certainly contributing to a personal year that feels like it’s off on the right foot:

  • After school ski tours, just up the road from Anchorage
  • XC skiing to and from work after a pleasant snowfall (10 miles, round trip!)
  • A weekend jaunt to PDX
  • Riding bicycles to a south side brewery in single digit temperatures (and getting a ride home…)

And more, under our belt and still to come. So ask me what’s new, and I won’t feel like a broken record for telling you about my bicycle commute or skiing. Instead, I’ll tell you all about my micro adventures! (And maybe you’ll want to join, or have your own to share too).

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