This film is a must watch.

There was nothing said in this movie that didn’t resonate with me and the women I went with. The messages we receive from advertisements, television shows (like the Today Show ambush makeover), and the people in our lives (intentional or not) are grossly affecting the way we women perceive ourselves and our value.

This movie, the message it’s sharing and the conversations afterward were like a warm hug I needed. It planted two seeds:

  1. Be good to yourself, be patient, be generous. I’m healthy, I’m active, I’m a “work in progress”. My clothes fit and I’m fabulous. Like the actress Nora T said (in the movie), “this body is my soul mate”.
  2. Be a good role model for others. Compliment people (especially young girls and other women) on their skills, their value to our communities. Check my communication style and what I project to others.

I think #2 might be easier to implement that #1 – I caught myself pinching and poking in the mirror less than 12 hours after leaving the movie theater… But I am willing, I am committed and I am embracing it.

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