The Importance of Ladies Ski Day


Girls in pink dresses and avalanche sashes, faux bunny ears and thick frosted lashes, gold sparkly dresses and fat powder skis, these are a few of my favorite things…

Adam, I love you boo and I’d never be out here if it weren’t for you.

But damn, do I really like skiing with my girlfriends. They’ll wear silly costumes and stop for frequent breaks and pictures; they’ll encourage me down the wind crust and we’ll cheer each other on when we find those sweet powder pockets. They won’t complain about cold temperatures, and we’ll all laugh about being fair-weather skiers and why don’t we wait until it’s 30 degrees again? And post-ski, they’ll find some grub and we’ll go hot tubbing and we’ll be happy again.

I am grateful for this tribe of women I call friends around the world and the adventure they bring to my life. Long live ladies ski day!

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