Guest Blog Post: How did we get here?

This is part of a new “series” of posts from my mother + stepfather, sharing their exciting new journey with us.


Living in a 25’ motorhome, following the weather. You know how it is; years of “wouldn’t it be great if we could...” & “someday I would like to…”. But then you begin to notice some people, well they don’t get to enjoy their someday plans and in the back of your head you wonder; will we? In the meantime, someone you know takes this huge chance and totally uproots their lives moving to Alaska in 2012! Well, of course, as it’s your daughter & her boyfriend you have to go visit and its gorgeous & crazy with long days & loads to explore. Then the next year, we traveled to AZ, LA, SC… and in all these places we noticed people traveling in RVs’ (cue John White “you can just park them anywhere” talking about RVing in AK).

So that became our someday plan, “let’s get an RV and travel when we are done working” and we set to researching what kind of RV we wanted; which encouraged more travel to PA & FL to check out RV shows. In the summer of 2014, with a little help from our friend, Tina, we found a great used one, low miles, just the right price. Well, you know if you make that kind of purchase, you gotta make sure you use it! That means we had goals baby! 15 nights the first year; 25 nights the second. Well the more you use it; the more you want it!! Before long our “when we are done working plan” changed to let’s do this travel thing for our 20th anniversary in September 2016!!!

We did a whole lotta research about how to make money on the road; what upgrades to put on the RV (batteries;solar; an antenna; and most importantly a decent mattress); where to stay, how to manage food & water, what organizations to join. With the decision made and being natural born procrastinators, we focused on paying off our debt, waffling on selling vs renting the house, dealing with all the what-ifs, and intermittently worked at getting rid of our stuff. Then came the time to really get busy; give notice at work (yikes! goodbye paycheck)—put the house on the market (yikes! we need to work harder at clearing this

clutter). Fingers crossed, would the house sell quickly, would we have to drop the price—what about the inspection???? Boom!! Multiple offers, it sold in a week and closed in 4 weeks. A few last minute details; clearing clutter right down to the day before the closing, getting the dog healthy to travel; finally deciding to tow the car and getting all that gear; installing the solar panels. Driveway surfing; home cooked meals and laundry access from our awesome and generous families helped out so much during Oct/ Nov before we could finally hit the road, a mere 3 days before upstate NY got its first significant snow fall for the season!!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and we have stayed overnight in PA at a casino and a VA Walmart parking lot, driveway surfed at family in Charlotte, spent Thanksgiving at Myrtle Beach with Will’s family, and are now driveway surfing in Atlanta at my family’s with Florida on deck (speak up if you have space in your driveway)! Leaning towards Christmas and New Years in Key West and then move on to Arizona and BLM boondocking!

We are thinking of doing our own blog but need help coming up with a name; so how about a contest for our blog name!! All ideas welcome (assuming, of course, they are “appropriate”); submit your ideas below. Will & I will come up with the prize during our travels for the winner!!

6 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: How did we get here?

  1. How fun! Good luck to your parents. –Stacia

    On Dec 9, 2016 8:10 AM, “Aimee’s Adventures & Travel” wrote:

    > aimeechauvot posted: “This is part of a new “series” of posts from my > mother + stepfather, sharing their exciting new journey with us. Living in > a 25’ motorhome, following the weather. You know how it is; years of > “wouldn’t it be great if we could…” & “someday I would” >


  2. Wow good for them. I want to do that. Can you tell me where in home you are getting married or is it a small area? I’m looking at Air BNB sites to rent while we are there. We are considering many options about getting out there. May fly there and then take the train in travel the states for a few weeks afterwards. I just found flying rates one way for $355/p not bad.


    Britta >


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