“Rain-connaissance Mission” 2016

For my own future reference: the next time Adam suggests a destination and his description includes the words: freezing rain, icy, wet and bring your skis, I would do well to push back, especially on the bring your skis part.

In case you’re in south central Alaska and wondering where winter is, heads up: it ain’t in Turnagain Pass. Snow level is high, snow accumulation is low and it rained most of Friday night/Saturday morning, likely ruining whatever good snow there might have been.

I’ll tell you what, though. The sound of rain on a burly tent while you and your love sleep close, in zipped-together bags, nice and toasty, sure is a nice way to way to spend a Friday night. 

Watched pots don’t burn. Trying a double-boil setup to heat homemade lasagne for backcountry dinner.

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