Open Post to the Nice Lady at Sagaya

Kind Lady in the silver sedan:

Thank you. Thank you for slowly approaching the t-intersection where our paths crossed and even waving at me, so that I knew that you saw me and acknowledged my right-of-way. Your actions made me feel safe, something we can’t put a value on, but you can trust goes a long way.

And thank you for following me slowly and respectfully to the end of the road. You easily could have passed me at high speed and caught the turn before those cars came through. Instead, you let me peacefully enjoy my three-block ride, quietly and without the stress of cars zipping past.

And at the intersection you hung back, and didn’t pull out until I was completely across the road. You didn’t ride my ass, rush my ride or threaten my safe crossing.

Thank you for being a respectful driver, for supporting my right to ride safely. For all of that, thank you for being a bright spot in my evening commute, even though you will never know. In these days of rushed rides and near-brushes with the sides of SUVs: you are a gem. Thank you. 

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