Adam’s Adventures: Caribou Hunt on the Dalton Highway

While I was sampling schnitzel in Germany, Adam was also pursuing new experiences here in Alaska. He and a friend drove north to the Dalton Highway, the furthest north Adam had ever been and a completely new area, for a caribou hunt.


If you clicked the link above, you’ll see the Dalton Highway is far north. To get there took a day and a half drive from Anchorage, around big mountains, and through wintery passes. Thankfully Adam’s hiking partner was steady behind the wheel of their truck. Eventually, they found a sweet spot to park and trekked in, about 30 miles south of Deadhorse.

The rules of this hunt (of which there are many, but I only remember a few) dictate that hunters using a rifle have to be 5 miles off the road before taking an animal. So Adam and Aaron hiked in and set up camp. They were there for 5 days.

Unfortunately, the guys were unsuccessful in the hunt and didn’t bring home any caribou. The silver lining was exploring and learning a ton about hunting in a new environment, where you can see for miles at a time and the animals have different behaviors as a result. Adam has a checklist of new gear he wants and skills he needs to develop so that he can go out again (next year).


It dropped to ~10 degrees each night. Brr!


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