Freedom’s Run Marathon: Finding Flow on the C&O

I’m inspired by the author’s post. 68 miles on bicycle to the start line of a marathon? Sign me up! (In a few years, with ample training time)

If you ride or run in D.C., you’ve probably had your share of conversations about the C&O Towpath, a hardpack multi-use and car-free path that starts in Georgetown and extends all the way to Cumberland, Maryland.

The C&O: sublime urban escape or an exercise in monotony? Tooth-jarring nightmare or just what the doctor (not your dentist) ordered? I meander from one side of the argument to the other whenever the C&O becomes a discussion topic, but on the whole, I find the C&O an invigorating, once-in-a-while route.

Not having ridden any real length of it for a few months, I had been anticipating my weekend C&O plans. Friday: ride 68 miles to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, via the C&O. Saturday: run the Freedom’s Run Marathon through Harpers Ferry, 10 miles along the C&O, through Antietam Battlefield, and into Sharpsburg and Shepherdstown. Sunday: ride the 68 miles home to D.C., again via the C&O.


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