Marathons 2016: Berlin is best.

That’s me, mile 7 or so at the 43rd annual Berlin Marathon. Because I ran in the Berlin Marathon. In Berlin. Two days ago. Just in case that wasn’t clear.

Nearly a year ago, this was just a pipe dream. Stacia was encouraged to participate and riding high from my last European adventure, I decided to follow her lead and try too. We entered the lottery as a team, were accepted as a team and celebrated as a (slightly larger) team at the end. Thank you Stacia, for being such a warm and positive influence on my life and adventures. I’ll never forget this experience.

I finished, slower than any other marathon so far (perhaps my cross training should have been just training) and still placed 8,427 out of 36,000+ finishers. That boggles my mind and I’m looking for the catch but until the marathon officials tell me otherwise – hell yea, I finished the Berlin Marathon in the top quarter. I’m practically an elite runner. Ha!

Congratulations to Mike, another Alaskan in Berlin. And thanks to John, Jenna, Beth, Martin and Elisabeth, and Sharity for cheering us on and having pretzels, beers and Coca-Cola ready at the finish line for us. Prost! 

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