Outside Online Power Couple

Outside Online published a brief profile recently of four “power couples” in the outdoor industry. Seeing no differences between them and us (except being paid to play by some major brands, living in a van and that every guy has an Instagram), I decided to profile Adam and myself.

It’s cool, Outside – don’t forget us next time.

Aimee Chauvot and Adam White

Denali National Park, 2012

Ages: 30 + 31

Location: Anchorage, AK

Power-Couple Credentials: Aimee’s an Account Exec. for a creative agency and running two marathons this year, including Berlin. Adam’s a teacher and savvy outdoorsman: he can cook, camp, hunt, fish and climb with the best of them. And he’s the better skier of the two.

How They Met: In the library computer lab at Plattsburgh State. Adam looked lonely, so Aimee invited him to Wing + Pitcher night at the local watering hole. They went camping in the Adirondacks that Columbus Day weekend and haven’t stopped pursuing the great outdoors since.

Behind-the-Scenes: Adam and Aimee tested their limits with great results on a 10-week bicycle tour through France last summer, and they’re still daydreaming about the next one. They tackle the tough-stuff in life with humor and encourage each other to follow their passions and push their limits, even if it takes them apart for a little while. Case in point: Adam did a 12-day mountaineering course with Alaska Mountaineering School this summer, while Aimee’s planning 10 days in Germany with friends. This summer they proved that love is patient when Adam brought Aimee up the boulder scramble to Bomber Pass and no one lost their cool.

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