Marathons 2016: Berlin Bound!

Finally, September. In just three weeks I’m departing Ted Stevens International en route for Berlin, Germany for the 43rd Berlin Marathon.

I. Am. Psyched.


Adam and I lamented not spending more time in Germany last summer, exploring cuisine and culture. So for this trip, I’m going to soak it up and spend roughly 10 days in the country: 6 nights in Berlin, 4 nights in Munich. And yea…. Oktoberfest is on the list. In fact, as of today the marathon and Oktoberfest are the only things on the list.

Lass uns gehen!


One thought on “Marathons 2016: Berlin Bound!

  1. Hey my sister and I are going to Germany wednesday and will be going on a cruise and biking trip. We head back to Munich on the 17th-19 for octoberfest.. When will you be there.

    Britta >


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