Glamping at Manitoba Cabin

Located an hour and a half south of Anchorage, Manitoba Cabin is a hike-in/ski-in cabin just 3/4 mile off of the Seward Highway. The main cabin is one floor, originally built in 1936 as a mining cabin, and renovated by the Alaska Huts Association in 2012. The cabin has a wood stove for heat, a standard four-burner stove for cooking, solar powered lights, all kitchenware, as well as books and games. There are two 16′ yurts for sleeping, each with 4 single bunks and 2 double bunks. Toba’s Yurt has a wood stove for heat and allows dogs, while the Spirit Walker Yurt has a propane heater and is pet free. (Copy from the Alaska Hut Association website)

Our friend Hannah is having a baby! Luckily, her family took care of a formal baby-shower on the east coast. We showered her with love and food at Manitoba Cabin. The short hike and luxurious back-country amenities made it a perfect destination for a woman with less than two weeks to her due date. It’s fair to say we’re all excited to go back with Baby once it makes a grand entrance.

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