Commuter Chronicles: Dress to Impress

I’ve blogged here and here about the #firstworldproblems I have finding the right outfits to meld bicycle commuting with my professional life. Obviously I’m making it work or I wouldn’t be riding my bicycle as frequently as I do.

But as the kids say, the struggle is real: I sweat, it rains, practical footwear, new bangs and a handful of other things are frequent hurdles to getting dressed and getting out on my bicycle. And so goes life as a bicycle commuter in the realm of business development and relationship building.

Alas! Progress has been made and I’m a little closer than ever to my utopian, athleisure, trendy, bicycle-friendly wardrobe!

Months ago, I backed the Vetta Capsule on Kickstarter. The collection’s entire being lies in it being sustainable fashion that can support any wardrobe, be worn a variety of ways and lend itself to an enduring style. No more reliance on fast fashion, seasonal trends or cheaply made clothing. This philosophy speaks to me and I happily backed at early-adopter prices for two key pieces: a blouse and tunic.

My tunic just arrived and I love it. It’s so soft and such a flattering cut.

Here’s why I love it from a bicycle commuter POV:

  • The arms/back/chest are well cut, and it’s not restrictive to lean over my handlebars.
  • It has generous slits up the side, so I can easily swing a leg over my bike seat.
  • Those same generous slits mean I can tie the tunic up around my waste and tuck it under my raincoat on a rainy day, instead of catching water in a little pool in my lap, as I’ve done before.

It’s wet and grey today and I took my new threads out for a tester spin, to and from a meeting about a mile from my office. No wet lap… No splatter… And thanks to the material, hardly a wrinkle from tying it up. Yes, yes and yes. Thank you, Vetta!

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