Kitchen Chronicles: Fish, Foraging and Family Recipes

Sockeye salmon caught by fly rod on the Kenai River. Zucchini the size of my arm, grown in Chickaloon. Raspberries growing wild outside of my apartment. And a No-Fail Pie Crust recipe covered in food stains, passed to me from my stepmom and her family before that.

Add a surprise layover from Deb and two other close friends, and we’ve got the fixins’ for a late, great Alaskan family dinner.

Our menu:

Grilled Sockeye Salmon: massaged with olive oil, sprinkled with salt/pepper/garlic. Seared first flesh-side down, then flipped and finished on the skin. Fresh orange squeezed over top.

Zucchini Medallions: 1/3 giant Alaskan zucchini, tossed in Mosquito Mama‘s Honey Balsamic and grilled directly on grate.

Tortellini Salad: Costco-style.

No-Fail Raspberry Pie: Homemade pie-crust and Betty Crocker’s sugary pie recipe from my beat-up cookbook. Served with a scoop of Tillamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

And for fun:

Zucchini Bread: the other 2/3 of the giant zucchini made enough for two+ loaves of bread. I’m eating one for breakfast, another’s in the oven and I’ll make a third tiny loaf soon.

Raspberry Jam: No raspberries left behind! We picked over 10 cups of raspberries and I made my first batch of jam for 2016 last night. I cut the sugar in half and the flavor of the raspberries and lemon juice is so much better this way.

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