My Birthday Wish List

It’s a BFD: I’m turning 30 on August 1st!

I’m a pretty practical gal and I don’t need much to get by these days. However, I’m still a dreamer and love a good Wish List. In honor of my three decades, here’s three things I’m coveting for my birthday.

  1. The Carry-On suitcase from AWAY. Unbelievably, I’ve made it 30 years without a proper suitcase. I prefer to carry my luggage on with me. The quicker I can grab and go, the better. Unfortunately my backpacks are either too large or too small and I end up checking more often. Enter AWAY, seemingly the best new piece of luggage for a gal like me. I love it’s hardshell durability and compression system inside. With plenty of travel on the horizon, I could put this thing to good use.
  2. FLITE Tree Tent from Tentsile. File this one under things I don’t need, but want. You must have seen the cool videos by now of people building tree-people communes with these neat hammock tents. I already have a hammock that I camp in periodically. But not this one!
  3. New pillows. Specifically, a down pillow and a Tempur-Pedic pillow. No explanation needed for a good night’s sleep.


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