Commuter Chronicles:Bike Anchorage Community Ride

Anchorage’s local bicycle advocacy organization, Bike Anchorage, hosted a Community Ride last week. It was my first time participating and I’m so glad I did.

Bike Anchorage is an entirely volunteer-run organization, and it’s my impression the Community Rides are spearheaded by a community and/or Bike Anchorage member. This gives the volunteer Board a break and allows community members to showcase parts of Anchorage that they appreciate, by bicycle. Our ride was really neat – we met at the APU Farmer’s Market and rode on to the new Mountain View Farmer’s Market.

Our volunteer leader, Chelsea, did a great job. What I wasn’t expecting, and really appreciated, was the communication and direction at various places along the route. We biked a mixed route of road and trail and our fearless leaders made sure all riders were on board and in queue. It was exhilarating when we took the lane on Airport Heights Drive and rode across 6th Ave/Glenn Highway at a light!

Not only did I get new route knowledge and safe cycling practices, I did snag some great produce at the markets as well. Looking forward to seeing where the next Community Ride takes me!


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